About Us

EMA Resources, Inc.'s management staff has over 75 years of combined experience in every aspect of providing residuals management and land application programs for municipalities and industries throughout the Southeastern United States. The management of EMA Resources, Inc. feels strongly that in a time when the residuals management industry is evolving toward large, national providers, or small operators with limited technical expertise, there is a REAL need for companies dedicated to providing select clients with quality service, personal attention, and particular attention to operating every program within the regulatory compliance standards set by the EPA and State Agencies. It is EMA Resources' mission to remain a regional company, which is flexible, responsive, and committed to providing our select clients with the highest quality service they expect and deserve. Our industry knowledge and hands-on approach will allow us to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to any of our clients' residuals management needs.

EMA Resources, Inc. provides a wide range of services in providing our municipal and industrial clients with "Turn-key" Residuals Management Programs. The following is a list of services EMA Resources, Inc. provides:

  • Liquid Residuals Transportation & Land Application
  • Dewatered Residuals Transportation & Land Application
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • All Monitoring and Reporting
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Permitting Services
  • Alkaline Stabilization and Certification Services
  • Mobile Mechanical Dewatering Services
  • Lagoon Cleanout Services
  • Lagoon Dredging Services
  • Digester Cleaning Services
  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Feasibility Studies & Consulting
  • Pump Station Bypass/Transfers
  • Design Build Operate Facilities
  • Landfill Disposal/Transportation Logistics
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